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Play and Learn

Play is the building block of childhood. Discover how learning through play helps your child's mind develop.

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The Magic of Reading

Reading helps kids build life skills, inspires imagination, and teaches them about the world. Here's how to make reading fun.

Build a Love of Reading

Kids love stories. Yet reading doesn't always come easily. Here's how to build a strong reading foundation, even if you're not a reader yourself. 

Create a reader-friendly home

Make reading a daily habit

Help kids enjoy reading

Reading at Every Age

Reading to babies

Toddler reading time

Story time for preschoolers

Encouraging school-age readers

Screen Time Guidelines

Answers & Advice

  • It's easy to default to screens when the whole crew is on the road, but old-school games and fun keep kids busy — and keep the peace.  

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  • Storytelling is easier than you think, and it teaches kids how to put words together to make meaning.

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  • Some games might improve kids' hand–eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Others don't have benefits, and may even increase kids' aggresive behavior.

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