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Permissions Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Nemours® KidsHealth®. At Nemours Children’s Health, we're redefining children’s health by going well beyond medicine to improve health where it starts — at home, in the community, and anywhere you find children. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

The guidelines below detail the free use of KidsHealth® content. However, in some cases, a content license is the best fit. If you are interested in private-labeling and syndication, please contact our partnerships team at partnership@kidshealth.org.

All content is the property of The Nemours Foundation and protected by copyright. The following guidelines apply to all KidsHealth websites, including KidsHealth.org, TeensHealth.org, and KidsHealth in the Classroom.

Linking to KidsHealth Websites

Nemours Children’s grants permission for organizations and other properties (e.g., blogs) to link to the KidsHealth websites, provided both guidelines are met:

  • Link: A direct link must be established to the KidsHealth website(s). Copying and pasting any KidsHealth content to your site — or framing the content in any way — is prohibited.
  • Attribution: All links must include a Nemours KidsHealth attribution on your site in text and/or using a linking graphic:
    • Attribution for the media: Information provided by Nemours KidsHealth. For more on this topic, visit KidsHealth.org.
    • Attribution for all other organizations (e.g., nonprofits, corporations, health systems, insurers, etc.): Information provided by Nemours Children’s Health through its award-winning Nemours KidsHealth website. For more on this topic, visit KidsHealth.org.

Health care organizations, insurers, digital care platforms, and others wishing to private-label KidsHealth content, please contact partnership@kidshealth.org.

Note: KidsHealth.org does not participate in reciprocal linking programs or link exchanges with other websites.

Reprinting KidsHealth Content

Organizations may reprint KidsHealth articles for use offline (e.g., handouts and learning publications) provided all these guidelines are met:

  • Original content: The content may not be edited in any way.*
  • Free distribution: Nemours Children’s grants permission for KidsHealth content to be used as handouts that are distributed free of charge to recipients.
  • Please note: Organizations who wish to use KidsHealth articles and/or lesson plans as the majority of a sponsored program (e.g., more than 50% of the content comes from KidsHealth) must contact partnership@kidshealth.org for individual approval.
  • Printed versions:
    • Articles: The "printer-friendly" version of the article must be used. Our printer-friendly version includes the required logo, URL, and copyright information.
    • Lesson Plans: The PDF must be used as it is found within the KidsHealth in the Classroom site. The PDF includes the required logo, URL, and copyright information.

*For publications with space restrictions, Nemours Children’s grants permission to use an excerpt from the article (e.g., intro paragraph) with a link to the full article on KidsHealth.org. In these instances, the excerpt and URL must also be accompanied by the following:

  • Attribution: Information provided by Nemours Children’s Health through its award-winning Nemours KidsHealth website. For more on this topic, visit KidsHealth.org.
  • Linking graphics:

For organizations that do not meet these guidelines, please contact partnership@KidsHealth.org.


Nemours Children’s creates and owns most images found on the KidsHealth websites. Organizations interested in reprinting an image must email partnership@KidsHealth.org. Please include the link to the article with the image and an explanation for the intended use in your email. Each request will be reviewed and responded to individually.

Additional Information

If you need further assistance, contact partnership@KidsHealth.org. Please note that due to the large number of requests to use KidsHealth content, response times may take 2 weeks.