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  • Dad sits outside with an open book; he reads to his two young children.

    Reading Milestones

    There are milestones on the road to reading, and kids reach them at different ages. Getting help early is key for kids who struggle to read.

    Here's an age-by-age guide

  • How do you hear? Watch this ear video to step inside the ear.

    Body Basics Videos — Just for Kids!

    Kids love our Chloe & Nurb videos about how the body works.

    Share with your kids today!

  • Smiling girl taking a hearing test for Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).

    Hearing Tests

    Even mild hearing loss can cause problems with speech, language, learning, and social skills. That’s why it's important for kids' hearing to be checked regularly.

    Learn more

Managing Your Toddler's Behavior

Learn how to encourage good behavior, handle tantrums, and keep your cool when parenting your toddler.

Questions and Answers

  • When gun violence is in the news, kids might worry that it could happen to them or someone they love. So it's important to talk to them about it.

    Here's how

  • Babies younger than 1 year old should not have honey because it can contain a type of bacteria that causes infant botulism.

    Find out more

  • Most breaks heal well. Within a few months, kids usually are back to all the activities they enjoyed before the broken bone.

    All about fractures & healing