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Your Pregnancy (Topic Center)

Your Pregnancy

Taking care of yourself has never been more important. Here's how to nurture your growing family and stay as healthy as can be!

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  • Watch Your Baby Grow!

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  • Watch Your Belly Grow!

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  • Pregnancy Calendar

    Read our week-by-week calendar and learn about the changes taking place in your baby — and you!

Having a Healthy Pregnancy

Eat Well

Find out how many extra calories you need to support your growing baby and get recipe ideas.

Your diet

Nutrients you need


Live Well

Staying active is not just good for your body, it also boosts your energy and mood.

Staying healthy and getting exercise


Sleep and mental health

Pregnancy Do's & Don'ts

Learn what's OK to do now, and what will have to wait until after your baby arrives.

Your top questions answered

Are vaccines OK?

Prenatal Care

Give your baby the best start by visiting your doctor regularly.

Prenatal tests: FAQs

Prenatal tests: 1st trimester

Prenatal tests: 2nd trimester

Prenatal tests: 3rd trimester

How to Breastfeed Your Baby

Top Q&As

  • This means a woman has one or more things that raise her — or her baby's — chances for health problems or preterm (early) delivery.

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  • Start prenatal care right away, and go to checkups throughout your pregnancy.

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  • There's no "safe" amount of alcohol a woman can drink during pregnancy.

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