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Caring for Your Newborn Baby (Topic Center)

Caring for Your Newborn Baby

Calling all first-time parents: This guide gives you the basics on breastfeeding (and formula feeding), baby sleep, newborn development, diapering, feeding, burping, bathing, bonding, and other baby-care concerns.

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Keeping Your Baby Safe

Checking to be sure the car seat is installed correctly

Using Car Seats Safely

Here's how to buckle up your baby the right way.

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Choosing Safe Baby Products

Don’t buy for a baby without reading this first.

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Babyproofing & Preventing Household Accidents

Expert guides on keeping your baby safe at home.

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Lead Poisoning

Babies and toddlers are at the greatest risk of lead poisoning.

Here's how to keep your baby safe

Safe Sleep for Babies

Top Q&As

  • No. Experts recommend room-sharing instead of bed-sharing to help prevent SIDS.

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  • Some babies start to sleep for 5- to 6-hour stretches at night by 2–3 months of age. But others won't.

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  • It's normal to feel highs and lows during your baby's first few days of life.

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