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Can a Doctor Tell if You've Been Masturbating?

Medically reviewed by: Larissa Hirsch, MD

Doctors usually can’t tell if someone has been masturbating (touching or rubbing their genitals because they like the way it feels). The only way doctors might know is if the area was irritated enough to make it red or a darker shade than usual.

If someone inserts something into the vagina while masturbating that tears the hymen (the tissue that partly covers the opening of the vagina), doctors will likely notice that if they do a pelvic exam. But they won't know what caused the hymen to tear.

Masturbation shouldn’t cause medical problems. And it isn't something to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. Sometimes people are afraid to ask about it so they may believe stuff that isn’t true. If you have medical questions about it, ask your doctor.

Medically reviewed by: Larissa Hirsch, MD
Date reviewed: April 2024