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Asthma (Topic Center)

Asthma: Live Your Best Life

Athletes and musicians with asthma prove you can reach any goal. All you need is a good daily care routine (and a stick-to-it mindset, of course).

Asthma 101

  • Take Charge of Flare-Ups

    What should you do if you have a flare-up? How can you tell if it's serious? And how do you prevent flare-ups in the first place?

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  • Watch Out for Triggers

    Triggers are things that make a person's asthma worse. Knowing what can trigger flare-ups helps put you in charge of your asthma.

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  • Build Good Habits

    Asthma is easier to manage when you develop good daily habits. Here are 7 simple things to do.

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You Can Do This!

Managing asthma gets easier with practice and experience. These tips can help you own your asthma for the long haul.

Play a Role in Your Care

No one knows more about your body than you — you live in it. It's time to manage your own care.

Start making some medical decisions

Get comfortable talking to your doctor

Know about your prescription refills

Set Goals

Setting and sticking with good daily habits is key to asthma management.

5 tips on setting goals

Stay motivated

Know the power of positive emotions

Get Support

Having a strong support network matters. The right support can lift us up when we struggle and help us celebrate when we succeed. Here's how to build yours.

Master the art of asking for help

Lean on friends who care about you

Educate your teacher and coach

Asthma Flare-Ups: What Happens

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There's a link between allergies and asthma. Having allergies can sometimes make asthma symptoms worse.

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  • There are lots of reasons this might happen. Even a growth spurt can affect how medicines work. See your doctor to find out what's going on.

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  • Getting involved in some parts of your medical care now prepares you to handle everything as an adult.

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  • Lots of people with asthma are allergic to animals. Some can keep their pets — it depends on the pet and the person's asthma. 

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