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  • School Counselors

    School counselors can give you all sorts of tips and support on solving problems and making good decisions. But how do you meet with a counselor and what is it like? Find out here.

  • Talking to Your Doctor

    Your best resource for health information and advice is your doctor - the person who knows you, your medical history, and accurate medical information to answer your questions.

  • Adoption

    It's natural for any adopted person, child or adult, to have complex feelings about being adopted. Find out more about the emotions and other issues adopted teens face.

  • Connecting With Your Coach

    Get the most out of your chosen sport by building a strong relationship with your coach.

  • Health Problems of Being Overweight

    Lots of people think that being overweight is an appearance issue. But being overweight can impact a person's entire quality of life, affecting things like emotions, energy, and sleep.

  • Finding Low-Cost Mental Health Care

    If you need mental health care but don't think you can afford it, you're not alone. Get tips on finding low-cost or free mental health care in this article for teens.

  • How Can I Help a Friend Who Cuts?

    Some people cope by cutting themselves. This article helps friends understand why people cut and gives some tips on what you can to help your friend — and yourself.

  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

    Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

  • Gyn Checkups

    Girls should get their first gynecological checkup between ages 13 and 15. Find out what happens during a yearly gyn visit -- and why most girls don't get internal exams.

  • Eating Disorders

    Eating disorders are so common in America that 1 or 2 out of every 100 students will struggle with one. Find out more.