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Sickle Cell Disease Treatment (Topic Center)

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Prevent Problems From Sickle Cell Disease

Learn how medicines can help you stay well.

  • Making Decisions About Meds

  • Taking Charge of Your Care

Preventive Medicines for Sickle Cell Disease

  • Inside the Body

    See how preventive medicines work.

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    All About Sickle Cell Disease

    Explore the ins and outs of sickle cell disease.

It's OK to Ask...

  • Ask your doctor how smoking, drugs, and alcohol can interact with preventive medicines and sickle cell disease.

  • Life gets busy. It can be hard to remember to take your meds and follow your treatment plan. Tell your doctor if you miss doses or have side effects. Together you can make a plan that fits your life.

  • Lots of people with sickle cell disease have healthy kids. Be ready for when the time comes by staying healthy today. Taking preventive medicines can help. Doctors are still learning about some newer medicines and their effect on fertility. Talk to your doctor about which preventive medicine is right for you. Find out why some babies are born with sickle cell disease.