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Sickle Cell Trait (Topic Center)

Three teenagers sitting on steps outside talking. Three teenagers sitting on steps outside talking.

Sickle Cell Trait

Sickle cell trait is a blood condition that gets passed down in families. People with it have one copy of the "sickle cell gene," but they don't have sickle cell disease. Learn all about it.

  • Family Planning

    Listen to people share their thoughts about having a family someday.

  • Female teenager talking with a doctor.

    Your Genes & Your Kids

    What do "carriers" need to know? Could my kids have sickle cell disease?

  • Passing on Sickle Cell Disease

    See the ways a person's genes can lead to sickle cell disease.

Do You Ever Wonder...?

  • Sickle cell trait doesn’t usually cause health problems. Sickle cell disease is a blood condition that requires lifelong medical care.

  • A sports physical form asks about sickle cell trait because people with the condition need to exercise safely to prevent problems.

  • Yes, you can travel to high altitudes. Be sure to stay hydrated and adjust slowly.

  • People with sickle cell trait are not as likely to get very sick from malaria. Find out why.