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  • The Get Healthy Now Show Part 1: The Covers for Educators

    It's hard to have a storybook without a front and back cover. Help us put on the Get Healthy Now Show by printing out the covers.

  • Peptic Ulcers for Parents

    Many people think that spicy foods cause ulcers, but the truth is that bacteria are the main culprit. Learn more about peptic ulcers.

  • Ulcers for Teens

    Doctors once thought that stress, spicy foods, and alcohol caused most stomach ulcers. But ulcers are actually caused by a particular bacterial infection, by certain medications, or from smoking. Read all about ulcers.

  • Helicobacter pylori for Parents

    H. pylori bacteria can cause digestive illnesses, including gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

  • Styes for Teens

    A stye is a backed-up oil gland in the eyelid. Styes are usually easy to get rid of, but there are some things you can do to help. Learn more about styes.

  • Styes for Parents

    A stye is a backed-up oil gland in the eyelid. Styes are usually easy to get rid of.

  • Breastfeeding FAQs: Getting Your Baby to Latch for Parents

    Here are answers to some common questions about getting a good latch, making sure your baby is drinking, taking your baby off the breast, and more.

  • Cataracts for Kids

    Do you know an older person who has cataracts? Find out about this vision problem in this article for kids.

  • Tear-Duct Blockage for Parents

    Blocked tear ducts are a fairly common problem in infants. The earlier they're discovered, the less likely it is that infection will result or surgery will be necessary.

  • Strabismus for Parents

    Strabismus causes eyes to wander or cross. Treatment may include glasses, patches, eye drops, or surgery.