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Week 15

Your Baby's Development

Watch Your Baby Grow

Parents are often amazed by the softness of their newborn's skin. Your baby's skin has been continuously developing, and is so thin and translucent that the blood vessels are visible through it. Hair growth continues on the eyebrows and the head. Your baby's ears are almost in position now, although they're still a bit low on the head.

Your baby's skeletal system continues to develop. Muscle development continues too, and your baby is probably making lots of movements with the head, mouth, arms, wrists, hands, legs, and feet.

Week 15

Your Body

Has it sunk in yet that you're pregnant? Many women say that it isn't until they trade in their jeans for maternity clothes and other people start noticing their swelling bellies that the reality of pregnancy sets in. For many, this realization is both joyful and a little scary.

It's normal to feel as if you're on an emotional roller coaster (you have your hormones to thank). Another thing you may be feeling? Scatterbrained. Even the most organized women report that pregnancy somehow makes them forgetful, clumsy, and unable to concentrate. Try to keep the stress in your life to a minimum and take your "mental lapses" in stride — they're only temporary.

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