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KidsHealth in the Classroom

KidsHealth in the Classroom features free PreK–12 lesson plans, all aligned to National Health Education Standards, and based on expert-approved, age-appropriate articles and videos.

Lesson plans include discussion questions, classroom activities and extensions, printable handouts and quizzes, as well as answer keys for teachers.

KidsHealth in the Classroom also offers these free resources:

  • Special Needs Factsheets that explain the basics about health conditions that can affect learning in the classroom and give quick tips on teaching strategies to help students succeed in school.
  • Homework Help minisites for kids, teens, and their parents.
  • Healthy Habits for Life Resource Kit for preschoolers, developed in partnership with Sesame Workshop.
  • How the Body Works for elementary students, featuring videos, activities, word finds, quizzes, and articles.
  • Newsletters for educators, featuring new teaching resources as well as educational resources for your students and their parents.

Educators can:

  • Print resources for students.
  • Email links to resources to students and their parents.
  • Post links to resources on their class, school, and school district websites.