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Homework Help (Topic Center)

Homework Help

You can sharpen your study skills! Good study skills make it easier to learn and do well in class.

Find Out How

  • When You've Got the Jitters

    If you get nervous before a test, you're not alone.

    Tame your test anxiety

  • A boy gets help from a tutor

    What's the Deal With Learning Problems?

    Kids with learning problems may need extra help.

    Find out more

  • Think! Before You Copy & Paste

    Plagiarism is a form of cheating.

    Learn all about it

School, Stressors, and Solutions

Homework, teachers, friends, and more. If you're feeling under pressure, there are things you can do to keep your stress in check.

What's On Your Mind?

I'm feeling stressed

What if you don't like school

Who Can Help Me?

Share your feelings

Ask your parents

School counselors can help

Problems at School

How to deal with peer pressure

Feeling left out

Getting Calm

Worry less in 3 steps

Try mindfulness

Study Break Yoga

When you need a study break, try some yoga!

Home Alone After School

  • Try your hand at following a recipe made just for kids!

    Have yummy fun

  • You might have many different feelings about being alone, and that's OK.

    Try this

  • Calling for help is the most important thing you can do in an emergency.

    Learn what to do