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Being Happier (Topic Center)

Being Happier

True happiness isn’t something that happens to us. It starts on the inside. Learn how your emotions, mindset, and everyday habits can help you be happier – now and throughout your life.

Happy 101

Skills That Can Help You Be Happier

  • Get good at things you enjoy. Maybe it's a sport or art. Be with people you feel good around. When you feel capable and connected, you build your self-esteem.

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  • It takes practice to say what you want (or don't want) and how you feel. It's not as hard as you think — and the world needs your thoughts and opinions.

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  • Rejection can hurt, but it happens to everyone. How you think about it can help you get past it and move on to the next good thing.

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  • A heartfelt "I'm sorry" can heal a hurt and bring you closer. Don't worry if the person isn't ready to make up. Say the right thing anyway, then give them time.

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  • People can disagree and still get along. It's always OK to say what you think and feel. Do it without putting the other person down or making them feel wrong. In fact, when you disagree without being rude, people are likely to listen and maybe change their minds.

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