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Asthma (Topic Center)

Asthma: What to Know

Asthma doesn't have to slow kids down. With the right care and daily management, your child can stay active and enjoy being a kid.

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Talking About Asthma

Talking about health with kids helps them learn. Even young kids can play a role in their asthma care.

Little Kids

Our video for kids shows them how their lungs work.

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School-Age Kids

Older kids love to learn about how the body works. They can watch our video to learn more about lungs and breathing. Plus, we have an asthma site just for kids!   

Lungs & respiratory system movie

Kids' asthma center


From sports to school, teens spend a lot of time away from your watchful eye. Share the link below to remind teens how daily routines help them manage asthma.  

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How Asthma Affects the Airways

Watch what happens in the lungs during an asthma flare-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Allergies don't cause asthma. But when kids already have asthma, having allergies can sometimes make their asthma symptoms worse.

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  • The effect of skipping medicine depends on what kind of medicine it is. 

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  • Some flare-ups are mild, but others can be life-threatening. Know how to spot them and deal with them right away.

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  • Learning to swallow a pill takes practice. Teach your child at the right time and in the right way to make it a positive experience that builds your child's confidence.

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  • A peak flow meter is a portable handheld device used to measure how well a person with asthma can blow air out of their lungs.

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