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Nutrition & Fitness (Topic Center)

Eating Right and Staying Active

This site gives you the basics on healthy eating and physicial activity. To start, do you know how much food you should be eating?

Find Out

  • What Should I Eat?

    Here's what to know about healthy food.

    Eat 5 fruits and vegetables every day

    Make smart decisions when eating out

    See how food labels help you

    Choose smart snacks

  • Get Moving

    There are many ways to be active. Find what's best for you.

    Why exercise is wise

    Choosing the right sport

    Easy at-home exercises

  • Healthy Weight

    Being overweight can lead to health problems. Learn how small changes can add up to a healthier you!

    Managing your weight

  • Dynamic Stretching

    From side shuffle to power skip, learn how to use this movement-based type of stretching to reduce muscle tightness. 

    See all stretches 

  • Strength Training for Weight Management

    From wall push ups to crunches, these videos show strength training exercises that are designed to fit into a weight loss plan.

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People follow diets for many reasons, including for weight loss, to manage medical conditions, or to stay on top of their sports game. Learn more about diets and when to talk to a doctor or nutritionist.

Choosing the Right Diet

How do you know what's a healthy diet and what isn't? 

Find out here

Eating Disorders

A few people take diets and exercise to extremes and need medical help to get back on track.

Learn when dieting and exercise go too far

Special Diets

People with food allergies need to be careful to avoid the foods that trigger a reaction.

People choose vegetarianism for lots of reasons.

Athletes have unique nutrition needs.


  • Overeating foods that are high in fat and calories and low in nutrition can cause problems if you eat them regularly.

    Find the right balance

  • Most fast-food places post nutrition facts on their websites so you can make healthy decisions before you go.

    See more tips

  • Treat your exercise time like an appointment you can't miss.

    Get more tips

  • Yes, it can be dangerous to run outside in the heat — particularly in places where the humidity can get pretty high.

    Find out what to do

  • Eating a healthy diet does not ensure that you will lose weight.

    Find out more

  • It's common to feel sore after an intense workout. But if you feel pain during activity or if the pain is intense or does not improve after several days of rest, you might be dealing with an injury. 

    See what to do

  • We all eat too much every now and then, like on holidays. But if you're overeating often, there are some things that might help.

    Learn more

  • Water is always the best way to hydrate and avoid empty calories, but if you think it's too blah, you can add taste without sugar.

    Get ideas

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