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Managing Your Weight (Topic Center)

Managing Your Weight

Being overweight can lead to health problems. Learn how small changes can add up to a healthier you!

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  • The Basics

    Do you need to lose weight? Talk to your doctor and check out these articles.

    My weight and height



  • Weight Loss Surgery

    Weight loss surgery can help teens who are very overweight and facing serious health problems. Learn more here.

    Weight loss surgery

    Gastric sleeve

  • Brandon's Story

    Brandon lost 70 lbs by eating better and exercising. Watch the video above to see how Brandon keeps this up.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Use these tools and tips to make small changes that will add up to a healthier you!

Make a Plan

Making a plan and setting small goals can help keep you moving forward.

5 facts about goal-setting

Don't give up

Nutrition Tips

Find answers to questions that many people ask.

How much to eat?

Figuring out fat and calories

Eating out and smart snacking

Exercise Ideas

Why exercise is wise

Strength training


Easy exercises for teens

Take Control of Your Emotions

3 ways to increase positive emotions

Improve your self-esteem

Try yoga!

People Often Ask...

  • Fast-food places can be confusing health-wise. Lots of chains put nutrition facts on their websites. Look at the choices before you go so you can order the healthiest items. Here's what to look for and what to do if a restaurant doesn't offer nutrition information.

  • Your weight is a balance between the calories you take in and the calories you burn. When you add physical activity, you can burn more calories than dieting alone.

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  • Start by figuring out if your overeating is something that happens just once in a while or often. We all eat too much every now and then, like on holidays. If you're overeating often, there are things you can do to take control. For example, managing hunger with regular meals and healthy snacks; not eating while doing something else, like homework; and slowing down to eat.