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Concussions (Topic Center)

Concussions: Know the Basics

What's a concussion? What are the symptoms? How long does recovery take?

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Concussions are common and they don't only happen in sports.

Going Back to Sports After a Concussion

Getting another head injury before your concussion heals can be very dangerous.

Here's how to safely return to sports

Concussion Prevention Tips

It’s important to try to prevent concussions because they can cause long-lasting, serious effects on the brain.

Here's how to protect yourself

Going Back to School

Returning to school right after a concussion may make things worse. Find out what you can — and cannot — do in school following a concussion.

What's the return plan?

Protect Your Brain!

  • Continuing to play if you have an injury can make that injury worse. Returning to play too soon after a concussion increases your risk of serious brain injury.

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  • Helmets can help protect your head from injuries, like cuts and skull fractures.

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  • Your brain controls all the body's functions, including some things you may not even think about.

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