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Awards and Honors

Some Recent Awards

GoldAward 2008 "Parents' Choice Gold Award"
"Tackles every physical and mental health-related topic your 'tween could imagine, from the fluffiest (when can I wear make-up) to the weightiest (how to handle child abuse and contact someone for help)."
Webby Awards Winner 2008 Logo 2008 "Webby Award for Best Family/Parenting Website"
2008 People's Voice Webby Award Winners Logo 2008 "People's Voice Webby Award for Best Family/Parenting Website"
2005 "Webby Award for Best Family/Parenting Website"
2004 "Webby Award for Best Health Website"
   gold_04.gif 2004 "Parents' Choice Gold Award"
"Presents cogent, well-written consumer health information in an upbeat and appealing website design...delivering answers to questions kids may not feel comfortable asking mom, dad, or the family doctor."
2004 "Teachers' Choice Award for the Family"
"This is a great research site about the body and health topics for students..."
2003 U.S. nominee in e-health for United Nations' World Summit Award for best in e-content and creativity
2003 "District Administration Website Award" from District Administration magazine
2001 Pirelli Award for "Best Educational Media for Students"
2001 FREDDIE for "Best Web Content" at Time Inc. Health's International Health & Medical Media Awards
Gold Award "Best Healthcare Content" at 2000 eHealthcareWorld

What the Media Say About KidsHealth

Medical Library Association Logo Named one of the "Top Ten Most Useful Websites for Health Consumers"
Medical Library Association, 2007
Best of the Web - Named one of the 30 best websites
U.S. News & World Report, November 2006
KidsHealth.org and TeensHealth.org named Best Family Health Sites "For Moms" and "For Teens"
Good Housekeeping, November 2006
One of the "health sites you can trust...not only the easiest to navigate but also the clearest and most current and practical"
Parenting Magazine, June 2006
The only children's health website recommended by The Wall Street Journal to help consumers make sense of the latest medical research.
The Wall Street Journal, June 2005
"Just what a bleary-eyed parent needs at 2 a.m. while weighing whether to give a baby Tylenol or make an emergency call to the pediatrician."
– The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 2005
Named one of the "50 Coolest Websites"
TIME, June 2004
"One of the most inviting, comprehensive, and informative consumer health sites on the Internet today."
Library Journal, December 2003
"Top Tried-and-True Children's Health Website"
Real Simple Magazine, October 2003
"One of 36 websites you can actually trust."
Encyclopedia Britannica Online, August 2003
"Top kid's health website."
WABC New York, July 2003
"KidsHealth has easy-to-understand articles about some of the most rare and complex medical problems that strike children."
The Wall Street Journal, April 2003
Named one of the "Best Health Sites for Parents"
- NickJr.com from Nickelodeon, January 2002
"It's the best (children's health website) overall."
Parenting Magazine, December/January 2001
"A top-notch site."
– Dr. Ian Smith of NBC's Today Show, in Dr. Ian Smith's Guide to Medical Websites, December 2001
"Our all-time favorite site for health information on infants, kids, and teens."
Healthcare Online for Dummies, September 2001
Named one of the "25 Great Websites for Families"
Parents Magazine, September 2001
"Best: Kids' interactive My Body tutorial."
Forbes Magazine, Summer 2001
"TeensHealth is a rock-solid health information site."
PC Magazine, November 2000
"The most remarkable thing about KidsHealth is that nearly every topic is covered for both parents and children."
FamilyPC Magazine, August 2000
"The Best Health Site on the Net for and about Kids."
– Net-mom Jean Amour Polly's Net-Mom's Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages
Named one of the 5 "Best Sites of 2000" (out of 5,000 sites considered)
– Tribune Media's Barbara Feldman