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What's an Adenoidectomy?


Say: ad-eh-noy-DEK-teh-me

The adenoids (say: AD-eh-noyds) are a patch of tissue in the back of the throat behind the nose. Their job is to help keep you healthy by trapping harmful bacteria and viruses that you breathe in or swallow. But sometimes adenoids can cause problems and need to be removed.

An adenoidectomy is the name of the surgery to remove a kid’s adenoids.

An ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT) does an adenoidectomy at the hospital. Kids get medicine (anesthesia) that makes them fall asleep. The medicine blocks any pain. After the surgery, most kids go home the same day. A kid will probably have a sore throat and need to eat soft foods for a few days. Most kids feel back to normal in less than a week.