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Managing Your Medical Care

Managing Your Medical Care

Find tips on everything from taking care of your body to choosing the right health care providers.

Read How

Your How-to Basics

Do you know what to do in a health emergency? If you have a chronic condition, how do you make the shift to an adult doctor? Find out more here.

  • Find a Doctor

    How do you find the right doctor for you?

    Choosing a doctor

    Changing doctors

    Doctors for teens

  • Talking With Your Doctor

    Talking with your doctor and asking questions helps keep you healthy.

    What to say

    Questions to ask

  • Your Mental Health

    Taking care of your mental health can help you feel good. 

    Finding low-cost mental health care

    Going to therapy

  • Be Prepared

    When you are prepared, you can handle almost anything.

    What to do in an emergency

Frequently Asked Questions About Medicines