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  • Health Care Providers: Behavioral Health Specialists for Parents

    Behavioral health is medical care that helps manage emotions and behaviors. The main health care providers who work in behavioral health are psychologists and psychiatrists.

  • Electronic Health Records for Teens

    Because EHRs improve how well your doctors talk to each other and coordinate your treatment, they can enhance your medical care. Get the facts on electronic health records.

  • Health Screening Tests for Parents

    Health screening tests are routine tests that check for problems before signs show up. When problems are found early, the care is often simpler and may work better.

  • Electronic Health Records for Parents

    Many health institutions digitally store their patients' health information. Learn about electronic health records (EHRs) and how they can improve health care.

  • Health Insurance Basics for Teens

    Taking charge of your own health care is a big step, and it can be a little overwhelming. Here's a quick crash course on insurance for teens.

  • Heart Health (Topic Center) for Parents

    Are you heart smart? Learn about this amazing muscle, including how to care for kids with heart conditions.

  • Health Insurance: Cracking the Code for Teens

    Health insurance has a language all its own. This article for teens explains what some key terms mean.

  • Health Care Providers: Nurses for Parents

    Nurses provide much of the day-to-day care in hospitals, doing vital jobs like giving medicine and educating patients about self-care. Many kinds of nurses provide varying levels of care.

  • Health Care Providers: Otolaryngologists for Parents

    An otolaryngologist, often called an ENT, is a doctor who studies, diagnoses, prevents, and treats diseases and conditions of the ear, nose, and throat.

  • Health Care Providers: Pediatricians for Parents

    A pediatrician is a doctor who diagnoses and treats children’s health conditions and concerns, including physical, behavior, developmental, and mental health issues.