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Diabetes (Topic Center)

  • Type 1 Diabetes

    In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas loses its ability to make insulin. Without insulin, cells can't get the energy they need.

    What is it?


  • Type 2 Diabetes

    A person with type 2 diabetes still makes insulin, but their body doesn't respond to it normally.

    What is it?


  • The Basics

    Here's a quick overview about diabetes.

    Diabetes control

    Endocrine system

  • Your Feelings When You Have Diabetes

    Just like anyone with a health condition, it's natural to have lots of different emotions when living with diabetes.


  • Everyday Stuff, Like School and Exercise

    How do you handle going to school with diabetes? And, how important is exercise? Read on to get some great ideas.

    School & diabetes

    Sports, exercise & diabetes

  • Getting Blood and Urine Tests

    People with diabetes get blood and urine tests regularly. Check out these short videos to see how the tests are done.

    Blood test video

    Urine test video

Staying Healthy When You Have Diabetes

There are so many good things you can do to stay healthy.

  • Keep Your Blood Sugar in Check

    When you know your blood sugar levels, you can help take charge of your health.

    High blood sugar

    Low blood sugar

  • Do You Take Insulin or Other Medicines?

    Learn about insulin and other medicines that people with diabetes often take. Find out why people need them and how to take them safely.

    Medicines for diabetes

  • Eat Smart With Diabetes

    Find out how to plan meals, cook healthy recipes, and eat out wisely. You'll gain the knowledge and power to make healthy choices.

    Planning your meals

    Eating out

    Carbohydrates and diabetes

Diabetes Care Q&A