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The Flu (Influenza)

With COVID-19 spreading this year, it's more important than ever to protect your child against the flu. Learn all about the flu and how to manage and prevent it.

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  • Does My Child Have the Flu?

    It can be hard to know if a child has the flu or something else. Video visits make it easy to get a doctor's advice. 

    How to use telehealth

    Is it a cold, the flu, or COVID-19?

  • Treating the Flu

    Most kids get over the flu without problems, but very young children or kids with health problems can get very sick and need special care.

    What to do

    Flu care tips

    When and where to get medical care

  • Medicines for the Flu

    Doctors give some kids prescription medicine, but it's not right for all kids. Most kids can take over-the-counter medicines for fever and pain. 



  • Antibiotics Don't Help With the Flu

    You want your child to feel better fast, but antibiotics won't help. That's because the flu is a virus, and antibiotics only work on bacteria.

  • How to Take Your Child's Temperature

    Find out which thermometers doctors recommend for the quickest, most accurate readings.

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  • Protect Your Child Against the Flu

    With the coronavirus spreading, flu season will be more complicated this year.

    Find out what you can do

Preventing the Flu

Hand-washing and getting the flu vaccine every year are the best ways to protect everyone from the flu.

  • Hand Washing

    To stop the spread of germs — including the flu and the coronavirus — make regular hand washing a rule for everyone.

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  • Flu Vaccine 

    Every year, there's a new flu vaccine designed to handle that season's viruses. Get your family's shots as soon as you can.

    When should my child get a flu shot?

    Is it ever too late?

    Babies and shots

Flu and Babies