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Stress & Coping (Topic Center)

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Stress and Coping

All kids feel stressed at times. But stress isn't always a bad thing. At times, it can even help you.

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  • What's on your mind?

    Stressed about homework? Worried about tests? Dealing with peer pressure? At times, most kids feel stressed by things like these. But you can get good at handling them. With practice, you’ll feel more confident and less stressed. 

  • Try these coping skills.

    When you face a challenge, you can help yourself through it. Breathe to calm your body and mind. Stand strong. Believe in yourself. Try again instead of giving up. Learn to talk yourself through stressful moments. If you practice these skills ahead of time, you’ll be ready to handle what your day brings. 

  • Take good care of yourself.

    Give your body and mind the exercise, food, and sleep you need every day. It’s easier to handle things when you feel strong and rested. Stretch and relax with yoga and mindful breathing. Look for the good things that happen in your day. Practice the things you’re good at and enjoy. 

  • Ask for help and support.

    When you’re stressed or worried, it can help to talk things through with a parent. You can also talk to a teacher, school counselor, or therapist. They can listen, give advice, or just be there for you.