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Diabetes (Topic Center)

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What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes happens when a person's body can't use sugar normally.

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  • Type 1 Diabetes

    In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas can't make insulin well. Without insulin, cells can't get the energy they need.

    What is it?


  • Type 2 Diabetes

    A person with type 2 diabetes still makes insulin, but their body doesn't respond to it normally.

    What is it?


  • Why Diabetes Control Is Key

    When your blood sugar levels are under control, you can help prevent problems down the road.

    Staying in control

  • Your Feelings When You Have Diabetes

    Talking about feelings can help you feel close to people who care.


  • Great Ideas for Going to School With Diabetes

    Should you tell your teachers and friends about your diabetes? How do you take medicine at school?

    School and diabetes

  • How Exercise Can Help You

    Exercise is an important part of managing diabetes and staying healthy. Find out why exercise is wise.

    Sports, exercise, and diabetes

Staying Healthy When You Have Diabetes

Learn ways to keep yourself healthy and fit.

  • Keep Your Blood Sugar in Check

    When you know your blood sugar levels, you can help take charge of your health.

    High blood sugar

    Low blood sugar

  • Do You Take Insulin or Other Medicines?

    Learn about insulin and other medicines that kids with diabetes often take. Find out why kids need them and how to take them safely.


  • Eat Smart With Diabetes

    Here's how to become an expert at reading labels, planning meals, and making good choices when eating out.

    Meal planning and eating away from home

    Reading food labels

  • Why Should I Care About Carbohydrates?

    It's a little easier for people to control their diabetes if they eat about the same amount of carbs at about the same times each day. Find out how to do it.

    Carbohydrates and diabetes

    All about carbs