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Health Information for Kids

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    How The Body Works

    Your body is a brilliant machine with many important parts. These videos take you on a tour of how it all works.

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    Talking About Feelings

    No matter how you feel — good or bad — it's healthy to put your feelings into words.

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    Relax and Unwind

    When life throws stressful stuff your way, learn how to stay calm, de-stress, and solve problems.

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  • Body Questions & Answers

    How do casts work?

    What causes hiccups?

    What's a bruise?

    What's a birthmark?

  • How to Clean Your Hands

    Think about the things you touched today — the toilet, your gaming device, and your desk. Washing your hands is the best way to stop germs from spreading.

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  • Organize, Focus, Get It Done

    Here are three tips that help you get better at doing homework — or any big task.

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  • How the Brain & Nervous System Work

    Your brain is the boss of your body and runs the whole show. Learn more in this video for kids.

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