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Stress (Topic Center)

Young girl flexes a muscle to show Dad her strength and confidence.Young girl flexes a muscle to show Dad her strength and confidence.

Help Kids Cope With Stress

All kids feel stressed at times. And it’s common for kids to have some fears and worries. At every age, parents can help kids build their inner strength and confidence.

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  • Childhood Stress: How Parents Can Help

    Stress takes different forms. In small amounts, it's a signal to get ready and helps kids rise to a challenge. Find out about some types of stress and how you can best help in each situation.

  • Helping Kids When They Worry

    Worry is a natural response to a big event, change, or challenge. It's a way of thinking ahead: "Am I ready for this? How will I do it?" Here's how parents can help kids face new things without letting worry hold them back.

Things to Read and Do With Your Child

What if We Need More Help?

  • What if my child is too stressed to cope?

    Stress or adversity that's too intense can overwhelm a child's ability to cope. Stress can be harmful when it's sudden, like a bad accident or the death of someone close, or if it lasts too long and kids don't have a break from it. Over time, too much stress can affect kids' mental and physical health. When kids seem overwhelmed by stress, they may need extra help to heal. Ask your doctor about therapy and ways you can help your child.


  • Little girl clings to her mom in a moment of separation anxiety.

    What if my child worries too much?

    Too much worry can be a sign a child needs extra help. Worry that happens too often or takes up too much of a child's time and energy could be a sign of an anxiety disorder. When kids can't be apart from their parent, even to go to school or a sleepover, it may be a sign of separation anxiety disorder. Or, when kids worry many times a day about the same things, it could be a sign of OCD. Therapy can help kids learn to let go of these worries and enjoy life.

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