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Cancer (Topic Center)

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Childhood Cancer

Most kids with cancer get better. This site helps you learn about the types of cancer that are more likely to affect kids, their treatment, and what you can do.

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Life With Cancer

What can you do to help your child stay healthy at home? How can you support your child? And what can you do to be sure you and the rest of your family stay strong? Explore our tips below.

  • Supporting Kids With Cancer

    From building strength with healthy food to helping kids adjust to changes in appearance, here are ways you can offer support.

    Learn about nutrition

    Help kids relax

    Prepare for the side effects of treatment


  • Supporting Teens

    If you're parenting a teen with cancer, here are ways to help them.

    Help with school

    Help them cope with worry

  • Beyond Cancer

    Kids in remission usually feel better, eat better, and have more energy. Emotionally, kids and their families feel more relaxed and begin to enjoy life more.

    Staying healthy

    Learn about possible late side effects

    Building bone health after treatment

Q&A: Cancer Side Effects