Can a Condom Wrapper Break While It's in Your Wallet?enteens out what the experts have to say.teen, teens, advice, condoms, rubber, rubbers, condom break, broken, wrapper, rapper, carry, best, best way to carry a condom, pockets, wallets, purses, prophylactics, hat, raincoat, flunky, melesia, birth control, safe sex, condums, protection, storing condoms, how to use condoms, damaged condoms04/09/201010/08/201810/08/2018Amy W. Anzilotti, MD10/01/201885ab7b7e-169c-4820-b94e-ead772d8e517<p><em>Can a condom wrapper break while it's in your wallet?<br /> &ndash; Alisia*<br /> </em><br /> Yes. Carrying a <a href="">condom</a> in your wallet, where it may get folded or sat on, can break or tear&nbsp;the wrapper. But even if the wrapper looks fine, the condom inside might not be. Condoms can get pretty worn out if they're carried around in a wallet. That means they can break more easily. Another problem with carrying condoms in a wallet is that it's easy to leave them there for a long time. Older condoms are also more likely to break when used.<br /> <br /> So what's the best way to carry condoms? Start by keeping a&nbsp;supply at home in a bedside drawer or somewhere they won't be affected by&nbsp;temperature changes and humidity. Then, before you go out, put a few in your purse or jacket pocket. (You can put any unopened condoms back with your supply after you get home.)</p> <p>Body heat is another thing that causes condom material to break down over time. It's OK to carry condoms in a front pocket for a few hours, but try not to put condoms in a back pocket where they'll get bent or sat on. And don't carry condoms in the same pocket as keys or other things that could tear the wrapper.</p> <p>To help you remember to take&nbsp;condoms with you, keep them in the same place as your phone, wallet, or other items that you can't leave home without. You'll be less likely to forget your condoms&nbsp;if you see them as you pick&nbsp;up something you always carry with you!</p> <p><em>*Names have been changed to protect user privacy.</em></p>
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