Sportsmanshipenteens people define good sportsmanship as treating the people that you play with and against as you'd like to be treated yourself. Learn more about what good sportsmanship is all about.good sports, good sport, sports etiquette, game etiquette, rules of the game, following the rules, athletes, games, practices, athletic events, games, coaches, opponents, teams, sports pressure, competition, winning, losing, extracurricular, referee, won, lost, officials, respect01/24/200502/21/201902/21/2019Amy W. Anzilotti, MD02/18/201957b7368c-5430-467a-bedc-d560629d9675<h3>What Is Good Sportsmanship?</h3> <p>Good sportsmanship is when people who are playing or watching a sport treat each other with respect. This includes players, parents, <a class="kh_anchor">coaches</a>, and officials.</p> <h3>How Can I Be a Good Sport?</h3> <p>There are lots of ways you can be a good sport. You can:</p> <ul class="kh_longline_list"> <li>Have a <a href="">positive attitude</a>.</li> <li>Give your best effort.</li> <li>Shake hands with the other team before and after the game.</li> <li>Support teammates by saying "good shot" or "good try." Never criticize a teammate for trying.</li> <li>Accept calls and don't argue with officials.</li> <li>Treat the other team with respect and never tease or bully.</li> <li>Follow the rules of the game.</li> <li>Help another player up who has fallen.</li> <li>Take pride in winning but don't rub it in.</li> <li>Accept a loss without whining or making excuses.</li> </ul> <p>By being a good sport, you learn respect for others and self-control. These skills can help you manage many other parts of your life. They're also key to becoming a mature, respectful, and successful adult.</p>Espíritu deportivoEl espíritu deportivo ocurre cuando las personas que están practicando u observando un deporte se tratan con respeto. Esto incluye a los jugadores, a los padres, a los entrenadores y a quienes deben hacer cumplir las reglas.
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