Can I Practice Using a Tampon Before I Get My Period?enteens out what the experts have to say.practicing with a tampon, insert a tampon, inserting, using a tampon, getting used to a tampon, problems02/15/200810/04/201910/04/2019Amy W. Anzilotti, MD10/01/20194a77cd9d-f575-4406-82f7-6458e5de3ebd<p><em>Can I practice using a tampon before I get my period? I want to try it, but I'm nervous and don't know if it's safe.<br /> </em>&ndash; <em>Catelyn</em></p> <p>You can practice inserting a <a href="">tampon</a> before getting your period. But it's probably better (and easier) to wait until your <a href="">period</a> comes. That's because blood flow moistens the vagina and helps a tampon slide in easier. Without this extra lubrication, it can be harder to put a tampon in. If you do practice inserting a tampon before your period, don't forget to remove it right away.</p> <p><em>*Names have been changed to protect user privacy.</em></p>¿Puedo practicar el uso del tampón antes de que me venga la regla?¿Puedo practicar el uso del tampón antes de que me venga la regla?
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