Definition: Lung Function Testsenteens term "lung function" refers to how well a person is breathing.Definition: Lung Function Tests10/12/200408/11/201608/11/2016934317cb-6325-417f-b4ab-e4af5db8d1c1<h4><strong>Lung Function Tests</strong></h4> <p>The term "lung function" refers to how well a person is breathing. There are several tests that help doctors find out how good a person's lung function is and determine whether the person has asthma. One of these tests, called a spirometry test, involves taking a breath and then blowing the air out as fast and as long as possible. Lung function tests can help a doctor find out if someone has asthma.</p> Análisis de la función pulmonarLos análisis de la función pulmonar consisten en una variedad de exámenes que miden la capacidad respiratoria de una persona. to Know for Teens With Asthma