Blood Glucose RecordenteensIf you have diabetes, you can use this printable sheet to record your blood glucose levels.blood glucose record, diabetes, printable sheet, blood sugars, high blood glucose, low blood glucose, insulin02/02/200612/21/201812/21/2018Steven Dowshen, MD02/07/20185334f1fa-2438-4199-aa5e-4fee93e1e643<div id="NavigatePage1"> <div id="whichRead_1"></div> </div> <div id="NavigatePage1"> <div id="whichRead_1"> <p class="instructionSheetScreen"><img class="left" title="Blood Glucose Record" src="" alt="Blood Glucose Record. This page was designed to be printed. We are working on creating an accessible version." /></p> <p class="instructionSheetPrint"><img class="left" title="Blood Glucose Record" src="" alt="" /></p> </div> </div>Registro de glucosa en sangreSi tienes diabetes, imprime esta tabla para registrar tus niveles de glucosa en sangre Management Tools Treatment & Prevention for Teens