Comminuted Fracturesenteens comminuted fracture is a type of broken bone. The bone is broken into more than two pieces.comminuted, comminute, comminuted fractures, comminuted breaks, comminute fractures, cominute broken bones, broken bones, broken bone, fracture, fractures, cast, casts, bone is broken, open fractures, closed fractures, accidents, sports injuries, falls, fall, fell, closed reductions, closed reduction, setting a broken bone, cast room, wrists, forearms, elbows, plaster of paris, fiberglass, synthetic materials, broken skin, compound fracture, bone, bones, buckle, torus, bone bends, how long do broken bones take to heal, greenstick fractures, traction, orthopedist, orthopedics, orthopaedics, orthopedist, orthopaedist, femur, taking care of casts, what can be done to stop itching in casts, brittle bones, osteogenesis imperfecta, operating room, operating on a broken bone, pins for broken bones, broken arm, broken leg, getting a pin, surgery on a broken bone, CD1Orthopedics, CD1Osteogenesis Imperfecta, CD1Sedation, CD1Orthopedics, CD1Osteogenesis Imperfecta, CD1Sedation, CD1Pain Management06/22/201806/26/201806/26/2018Richard W. Kruse, DO and Susan M. Dubowy, PA-C06/01/20183c1f78b0-0b4f-4f49-aee4-ea548d5c2100<h3>What Is a Comminuted Fracture?</h3> <p>A comminuted (pronounced: kah-muh-NOOT-ed) fracture is a type of <a href="">broken bone</a>. The <a href="">bone</a> is broken into more than two pieces.</p> <h3>How Do Comminuted Fractures Happen?</h3> <p>It takes a lot of force for someone to get a comminuted fracture. A car accident or serious fall, for instance, can cause this type of fracture.</p> <p><img class="right" title="" src="" alt="Illustration: Comminuted fracture" /></p> <h3>How Are Comminuted Fractures Treated?</h3> <p>Someone who gets a comminuted fracture probably will need surgery. After surgery, the person will wear a <a href="">splint</a> or <a href="">cast</a> for a while to keep the bone from moving while it <a href="">heals</a>.</p>Fracturas conminutasUna fractura conminuta es un tipo de fractura de un hueso. El hueso se fractura en más de dos partes.
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