Can a Girl Get Pregnant the First Time She Has Sex?enteens out what the experts have to, sex, pregnant, sperm, vagina, intercourse, pregnancy, teen mom, teen pregnancy, std, oral, anal, vaginal, cum, come, orgasm, withdrawal, pull out, ejaculate, sexually transmitted disease, abstinence, abstain, condom, birth control, condom broke, penetration07/05/200702/06/201702/06/2017Steven Dowshen, MD01/01/2017948af5c1-e2de-4dc1-bd9e-e6fe2f3f5562<p><em>Can a girl&nbsp;get pregnant the first time she has&nbsp;sex?<br /> </em>&ndash; <em>Jenna*</em></p> <p>Yes, a girl can become pregnant the first time she has sex. Anytime a girl has vaginal sex with a guy, she is at risk for becoming pregnant. Even if a guy ejaculates outside of but near a girl's vagina or pulls out before he comes, a girl can get pregnant.</p> <p>It's also possible to get a <a href="">sexually transmitted disease (STD)</a> anytime you have sex, including the first time. Actually, whenever people have any kind of sexual contact (oral, anal, or vaginal), they run the risk of getting an STD.</p> <p>Here are some ways to&nbsp;reduce your chance of pregnancy and STDs:</p> <p><strong>Abstinence.</strong> The only way to completely prevent pregnancy and STDs is to abstain from all types of sex, including oral, vaginal, and anal sex.</p> <p><strong>Condoms to the rescue!</strong> If you are going to have sex, <a class="kh_anchor">condoms</a> are the best way to prevent pregnancy and STDs. <a href="">Talk with</a>&nbsp;your partner beforehand and let him know that condoms are necessary, <em>not</em> optional, even if you are using another form of birth control as well. And always toss a back-up condom&nbsp;in your purse before you go out, just in case he forgets one.</p> <p>If you and your partner had unprotected sex (or a condom broke), see your doctor for pregnancy and STD tests.</p> <p>If you have ever had sex, or are thinking about having sex, talk with your doctor about <a href="">birth control options</a>, <a href="">STD testing</a>, and ways to prevent STDs.</p> <p><em>*Names have been changed to protect user privacy.</em></p>Una mujer, ┬┐puede quedar embarazada la primera vez que mantiene relaciones sexuales?Una mujer, ┬┐puede quedar embarazada la primera vez que mantiene relaciones sexuales?
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