Depressantsenteens medically, depressants help people get through problems like anxiety. But when used as a recreational drug, they can cause problems and affect some of the body's vital functions. Find out more.drug, drugs, sedatives, tranquilizers, benzodiazepines, or barbiturates, downers, goofballs, barbs, ludes, yellows, yellow jackets, nerve pills, benzos, prescription, abuse10/20/201505/02/201805/02/2018Steven Dowshen, MD05/01/2018c7277d74-b842-4501-9c51-897568944a84<h3>What They Are:</h3> <p>Tranquilizers and other depressants calm nerves and relax muscles. They are bright-colored capsules or tablets that are legally available through a doctor for medical reasons, but can be illegally abused.</p> <h3>Sometimes Called:</h3> <p>A-minus, Candy, Downers, Goofballs, Barbs, Yellow Jackets, Ludes, Red Birds, Sleeping Pills, Tooies, Tranks, Zombie Pills</p> <h3>How They're Used:</h3> <p>Depressants are swallowed.</p> <h3>What They Do:</h3> <p>When used as prescribed by a doctor, depressants can calm nerves and relax muscles.</p> <p>Larger or improperly used doses of depressant drugs can cause confusion, lack of coordination, low blood pressure, and slowed heart rate and breathing. Someone who takes them may have slurred speech and an inability to concentrate, and may fall asleep at work or school. Depressants are addictive and withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, sleeplessness, and seizures.</p> <p>Depressant drugs are very dangerous if taken with alcohol and some other drugs. Very large doses of depressants can stop breathing and cause death.</p>Depresores del sistema nerviosoTomar depresores recetados por tu médico ayuda a afrontar problemas como la ansiedad. Sin embargo, cuando se utiliza como droga recreacional puede ocasionar problemas y afectar alguna de las funciones vitales del cuerpo. Recibe más información en este artículo para adolescentes.
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