Definition: Bronchoconstrictionenteens narrowing of the airways is known as bronchoconstriction.Definition: Bronchoconstriction10/11/200408/11/201608/11/2016b37f1ff0-5f1f-4232-82e3-4dfd1426d18e<h4>Bronchoconstriction</h4> <p>The <a href="">airways</a> are lined with a type of muscle called smooth muscle. In people with asthma, these muscles often tighten in reaction to things like allergies, cold weather, or smoke. When this happens, the airways become narrower, blocking the flow of air and making it harder to breathe. This narrowing of the airways is known as bronchoconstriction.</p> BroncoconstricciónLas vías aéreas (los conductos que llevan el aire hacia el interior y el exterior de los pulmones) están rodeadas por un tipo de músculo denominado "músculo liso". to Know for Teens With Asthma