Gynecomastiaenteens can be confusing, especially when unexpected changes happen. Learn what gynecomastia is and why it happens.chest, chest development, guy breasts, guy boobs, hormones, gynecomastia, guynucomastea, guynecomastia, why do guys develop breasts, breast tissue, will guy breasts go away, chest, boy breast, boy breasts, man breasts, man boobs, pseudogynecomastia, marijuana, steroids03/22/200012/14/201612/14/2016Steven Dowshen, MD10/01/2016b56dd165-af5a-481b-8330-160f808f9d7c<p>Ah, puberty. It can be a very interesting time in a guy's life, what with all the changes going on. In fact, it seems like every day something on your body grows bigger or hair begins sprouting somewhere. Each day brings a new change or two, and it can sometimes feel like it's hard to keep up.</p> <p>It doesn't happen to every guy, but one of these changes can be the development of breast tissue. It's called <strong>gynecomastia</strong> (pronounced: guy-nuh-ko-MAS-tee-uh) and it's completely normal &mdash; and almost always temporary.</p> <p>So how exactly does a guy happen to develop breast tissue?</p> <h3>What Is Gynecomastia?</h3> <p>Gynecomastia is a condition in which breast tissue forms in guys, usually due to normal hormonal changes during <a href="">puberty</a>. Hormones are chemicals produced by your body's glands.</p> <p>In a guy, hormones produced in the testicles are responsible for the physical changes that begin to take place during puberty &mdash; facial hair, muscle development, a deepening of the voice, and the lengthening of the penis, for example. Guys and girls produce both <strong>androgens</strong> (hormones that help develop and maintain male characteristics) and <strong>estrogen</strong> (a hormone that is responsible for most female characteristics).</p> <p>Guys have mostly androgens in their systems, but they also have small amounts of estrogen. In girls, breast growth is caused by high levels of estrogen. Normally, when going through puberty, a guy's production of androgens increases greatly, whereas estrogen production remains low.</p> <p>However, sometimes guys produce enough estrogen during puberty that some breast tissue develops. Breast tissue growth in guys can appear on one or both sides of the chest, and the breast area can feel tender. This doesn't mean a guy is turning into a girl or anything. It's just a minor change in hormones as he begins to grow into adulthood.</p> <h3>Who Gets It?</h3> <p>About half of all guys going through puberty have some degree of gynecomastia in one or both breasts. It's almost always temporary, and it's very unusual for the breasts to stay developed &mdash; they will eventually flatten out completely within a few months to a couple of years. Gynecomastia&nbsp;usually goes away without medical treatment.</p> <p>Even though it's just a temporary change for most teens, some guys with gynecomastia feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their appearance. Many guys find that wearing loose-fitting shirts helps make the condition less noticeable until the breast tissue shrinks over time.</p> <p>Surgical removal of the breast tissue is an option in some cases. If a guy finds his gynecomastia is bothering him, he can talk to a doctor about it.</p> <p>Although the most common cause of gynecomastia is puberty, it can sometimes be caused by certain diseases or side effects of some medicines. Using illegal drugs such as anabolic steroids, marijuana, or heroin can also disrupt hormonal balance and lead to gynecomastia.</p> <p>There's also something called <strong>pseudogynecomastia</strong> (or false gynecomastia). This has nothing to do with puberty or hormones. It's simply due to the fact that some guys have extra fat in the chest area, making it look like they have breasts. A doctor's exam can tell whether a guy has gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia.</p> <p>If you're concerned or have any questions about gynecomastia, talk to your doctor. Keep in mind that temporary breast tissue growth in guys is a common&nbsp;part of puberty that will usually go away on its own.</p>GinecomastiaLa pubertad. Puede ser una época muy interesante en la vida de un muchacho con todos esos cambios. No les sucede a todos los muchachos, pero uno de estos cambios puede ser el crecimiento del tejido mamario. Esto se denomina ginecomastia; es completamente normal y en casi todos los casos, temporal. ¿Cómo es que un hombre desarrolla tejido mamario?
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