Can You Still Get Genital Warts If You've Had All the HPV Shots?enteens out what the experts have to say.hpv, gardasil, gardisil, vaccine, shot, cervical cancer, all 3 shots, genital wart, warts, std, sti, stds, stis03/27/200901/21/202101/21/2021Christina M. Shultz, MD and Taina A. Trevino, MD12/04/20208d0c4445-7598-44ef-ac64-dd3303f6e7bf<p><em>Can you still get genital warts if you've had all the HPV shots?</em><br /> <em>&ndash; Alysanne*</em></p> <p>There is&nbsp;a small chance that someone might still get <a href="">genital warts</a> after having all their HPV vaccine shots. The vaccine protects against 90% of the HPV strains that cause genital warts. But there are lots of different strains (types) of HPV and the vaccine cannot protect against them all.</p> <p>The real purpose of the <a href="">HPV vaccine</a> is to protect against cervical and other types of cancers. Experts have found that certain strains of HPV may cause cancers of the cervix, vagina, vulva, penis, anus, mouth, and throat. The shots are designed to vaccinate people against the strains of HPV that are most likely to cause <a href="">cancer</a>.</p> <p>So, like most things in life, the HPV vaccine doesn't come with a 100% guarantee. But it's still a good idea to get all the shots: When it comes to cancer, the more protected you are, the better.</p> <p>Also, if you're having sex, it's still important to see your <a href="">gynecologist</a> regularly and use <a href="">condoms</a> to protect against <a href="">STDs</a> (including those strains of HPV that aren't covered by the shot).</p> <p><em>*Names have been changed to protect user privacy.</em></p>┬┐Puedo tener verrugas genitales aunque ya me haya puesto todas las vacunas?Lee sobre lo que dicen los expertos en el tema.
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