Definition: Urinalysisenparents urinalysis is a laboratory examination of a person's urine.Definition: Urinalysis02/28/200508/11/201608/11/20167ac2bc91-9c82-4790-8135-74d080edf3ce<h3>Urinalysis</h3> <p>A <a href="">urinalysis</a> is a laboratory examination of a person's urine. Analyzing the urine's chemical contents - like sugar and protein - and the types and amounts of cells it contains, helps doctors diagnose a number of medical conditions including diabetes, <a href="">urinary tract infections</a>, and <a href="">kidney diseases</a>.</p> AnĂ¡lisis de orinaUn anĂ¡lisis de orina es un estudio de laboratorio de la orina de una persona. Words to Know