Dealing With Triggers: Cockroachesenparents out how to limit exposure to cockroaches if they make your child's asthma or allergies worse.cockroach, cockroaches, allergen, allergies, asthma, 08/02/201701/02/201801/02/2018Stephen F. Dinetz, MD11/24/201726e4eacb-d327-4e19-b2fb-5b80cd38b458<p>A variety of things in the environment can make <a href="">asthma</a> or <a href="">allergy</a> symptoms worse. These are called "<a href="">triggers</a>." Your doctor can help you figure out what your child's triggers are.</p> <p>Cockroaches are a common trigger for many kids.</p> <h3>How Do Cockroaches Trigger Symptoms?</h3> <p>Cockroaches have a protein in their shed body parts, saliva (spit), and droppings (poop) that can set off a person's asthma or allergy symptoms.</p> <h3>How Can I Help My Child Deal With Them?</h3> <ul class="kh_longline_list"> <li>Have your home professionally exterminated every few months. Between these treatments, use bait traps to catch roaches (not aerosol sprays, which can make some kids' symptoms worse).</li> <li>Avoid saving boxes, paper bags, or newspapers in piles around your home.</li> <li>Don't leave open food containers or dirty dishes lying around your kitchen.</li> <li>Keep counters free of crumbs or spills.</li> <li>Keep garbage containers closed.</li> <li>Wash recyclables before putting them in the bin.</li> <li>Seal any cracks in walls and floors.</li> <li>Remove all food and water sources that can attract cockroaches.</li> <li>Frequent cleaning of floors (vacuum, mopping, etc.) and countertops will reduce allergen exposure.</li> </ul>Cómo afrontar los desencadenantes: las cucarachasHay una variedad de elementos en el medio ambiente que pueden empeorar los síntomas del asma o de las alergias. Se conocen como "desencadenantes". El médico de su hijo le puede ayudar a averiguar cuáles son esos desencadenantes en su hijo.
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Definition: Allergy-Triggered AsthmaMany people who have asthma have some kind of allergy, too.
Definition: TriggersDuring normal breathing, the airways to the lungs are fully open, allowing air to easily move in and out. In a person with asthma, the airways are inflamed and overly sensitive to certain things that wouldn't usually bother others. These are called triggers.
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Animals, Allergies & Other Triggers like pollen and pets may cause an asthma flare-up. Find out what to do about common asthma triggers.Asthma & Allergies allergies cause asthma? Learn about the link between these conditions. kh:age-NAkh:clinicalDesignation-allergykh:genre-articlekh:primaryClinicalDesignation-pulmonologyLiving With Asthma Flare-Ups & Allergies