How Can I Protect My Family From Ticks?enparents out what the experts say.camping trips, ticks, woods, protect against ticks, camping tips, lyme, lyme disease, lymes, deet, bugs, insects, bites, tick protection12/02/200312/04/201912/04/2019Michelle M. Karten, MD05/01/2019235b974f-0b22-47de-82ec-26735ccb8488<p>Enjoy the great outdoors, but don't forget about the threat of ticks. Ticks can carry diseases, including <a href="">Lyme disease</a>.</p> <p>Try these tips:</p> <ul class="kh_longline_list"> <li>Wear light-colored clothing to help you see ticks more easily.</li> <li>Wear closed shoes or boots, long-sleeve shirts, and pants</li> <li>Tuck pant legs into socks or shoes for extra protection.</li> <li>Pull long hair back or wear a hat.</li> <li>When hiking, stay on trails and avoid bushy areas with tall grass and leaf litter.</li> <li>Use an <a href="">insect repellent</a> with 20% to 30% DEET. Always follow the directions for use carefully.</li> </ul> <p>Check your kids each day for ticks &mdash; look in and behind ears, in the groin area, behind the knees and under the arms. If you find one, <a href="">remove it</a> right away. Also remember to inspect pets, clothing, and camping gear, including backpacks and sleeping bags.</p>
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