Choosing Safe Baby Products: Bathtubsenparents bathtubs give parents a safe way to wash a wet, slippery baby. Here's how to choose and use one.consumer product safety commission, bath seats, suction devices, flotation devices, guardrails, bath rings, pillows, plush toys, sudden infant death syndrome, sids, pressure-mounted gates, sharp edges, hardware-mounted gates, strings, playpens11/07/200501/04/201801/04/2018Kate M. Cronan, MD01/04/2018b6a8391f-dcc6-4e97-a3a5-f022d36fa78d<p>Baby bathtubs give parents a safe way to wash a wet, slippery baby. The angle of the tub helps free a parent's hands for washing.</p> <p><strong>Things to keep in mind when choosing an infant bathtub:</strong></p> <ul class="kh_longline_list"> <li>A tub made of thick plastic will stay firm in the center, even under the weight of the water.</li> <li>Inflatable tubs and bath buckets are dangerous.</li> <li>Bath rings and bath seats can tip over and should be avoided.</li> <li>The bathtub should have slip-resistant backing to keep it from moving.</li> <li>Bathtubs with foam cushions are dangerous because your baby could tear off pieces and swallow them.</li> <li>Don't choose a tub with rough edges, which can scratch your baby.</li> <li>An infant-to-toddler tub will last longer as it can be adjusted when your baby grows.</li> <li>Some bathtubs have plastic slots or indentations that can hold soap, shampoo, and other cleaning supplies.</li> <li>A plug at the bottom of the tub makes draining the water easier.</li> </ul> <p><strong>SAFETY NOTES:</strong></p> <ul class="kh_longline_list"> <li>Only adults or other experienced caregivers should give babies baths. Baths can be dangerous for babies, because babies can drown in as little as an inch of water.</li> <li>Gather all of your baby's bathing supplies ahead of time, including shampoo, soap, washcloth, towel, clean clothes, and a clean diaper/wipes.</li> <li>Always keep one hand on your baby while he or she is in water.</li> <li>Always touch the water to check the temperature before putting your baby in the bathtub. Water that is too hot can burn babies.</li> <li>Always take your baby with you if you have to answer the door or the phone or if you're needed elsewhere in the house.</li> <li>Always empty the bathtub and turn it upside down when it is not being used.</li> </ul>Elección de productos seguros para bebés: BañerasLas bañeras para lactantes permiten que los padres laven a un bebé mojado y resbaladizo de una forma segura.
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