Questions to Ask When Your Baby's in the NICUenparents a newborn in the NICU can be a stressful time. Often, parents forget to ask important questions. This list can help you prepare for the next time you talk to your baby's care team.questions to ask doctor, nurse, care team, social worker, NICU, neonatal intensive care unit, what, why, how, when, who, can, baby, newborn, premature, prematurity, preemie, sick baby, birth, delivery, C-section, 10/09/201801/01/201901/01/2019Mary L. Gavin, MD01/01/20198719a966-224a-4bc1-8b50-d06310873ac8<p>If your newborn is being cared for in a <a href="">neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)</a>, you'll want to learn as much as you can about your child's health. The more you learn, the better prepared you'll be to help and care for your baby.</p> <h3>What Should I Ask the Doctors and Nurses?</h3> <p>Below are some questions you might want to ask:</p> <ul> <li>Why is my baby here?</li> <li>How long will my baby be here?</li> <li>What is my baby's treatment and daily care?</li> <li>What medicines will my baby take?</li> <li>Do the medicines have side effects?</li> <li>What types of tests will be done?</li> <li>Will I be able to <a href="">breastfeed</a> or <a href="">bottle-feed</a> my baby. If so, when and how?</li> <li>How can I help my baby?</li> <li>Will I be able to hold or touch my baby?</li> <li>Can I stay with my baby? Can I sleep there?</li> </ul> <p>Nurses are responsible for the daily care of your baby, such as feeding, changing, bathing, and giving medicines. You can ask your baby's nurse questions on how to care for your baby.</p> <h3>What Should I Ask the Social Worker?</h3> <p>The hospital's social worker is there to support your family. Some questions you might want to ask:</p> <ul> <li>What services does the hospital offer to families?</li> <li>Is nearby short-term housing offered (such as through a Ronald McDonald House)?</li> <li>How do we know what is covered by our <a href="">health plan</a>?</li> <li>How do we apply for benefits? How do we get financial help?</li> <li>Is there a support group for parents in the NICU?</li> <li>Is there a counselor who can help us with tough decisions?</li> <li>What advice do you give for <a href="">coping</a> when your baby is in the NICU?</li> <li>How should we prepare for <a href="">when our baby goes home</a>?</li> </ul> <h3>What Should I Ask About Taking My Baby Home?</h3> <p>When the day comes to bring your little one home, you may be feeling a mix of relief, joy, and worry. Prepare ahead of time for your baby's homecoming. These questions can help:</p> <ul> <li>When will my baby be ready to leave the NICU?</li> <li>How can I care for my baby at home? Any special instructions?</li> <li>Does my baby need special equipment or monitoring? If so, how do I use it?</li> <li>Will a visiting nurse come to our home to help and check on us?</li> <li>Should I learn <a href="">CPR</a>?</li> <li>Can we have visitors? Are there any special precautions?</li> <li>When should we see the <a href="">pediatrician</a>?</li> <li>What if I have questions about my baby when I'm home?</li> <li>How will I know if my baby needs to see a doctor (signs of fever, etc.)?</li> </ul> <p>By learning all you can before your baby leaves the hospital, you'll feel better prepared for the days ahead.</p>Preguntas a formular cuando su bebé esté en la unidad de cuidados intensivos neonatalesSi su recién nacido debe ingresar en una unidad de cuidados intensivos neonatales (UCIN), usted querrá saber lo máximo posible sobre la salud de su pequeño. Cuanto más informado esté, más preparado estará para ayudar y para cuidar de su bebé.
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