Can Lead Affect My Unborn Baby?enparents out what the experts have to say.lead paint, lead, pregnancy, chemicals, lead-based paint, lead poisoning, lead pipes, lead exposure, copper pipes, led paint, led exposure, lead exposure, toxic, toxins, environmental safety, older houses, older homes, old houses, paint chips, pica, pregnancy safety, pregnant, household safety, radon06/06/200610/17/201610/17/2016Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD10/01/2016fa399c72-7274-4518-b20e-949a8946364c<p><em>I&rsquo;m worried because we recently moved into an older home that may have some lead paint and I just found out that I&rsquo;m pregnant. Should I be concerned about exposing my baby to lead?<br /> </em>&ndash; <em>Susan</em></p> <p>If your home was built before 1978, it could have lead-based paint. A pregnant woman's exposure&nbsp;to high lead levels can be hazardous to the baby, because lead in a mother's blood can easily cross the placenta to the fetus.</p> <p>Lead poisoning can affect almost every system in the body. Even low levels of lead in a child's blood can cause subtle problems with behavior and learning. Lead in paint can cause problems when it is chipping, peeling, or is removed. Even opening a window that previously had lead paint on it can release lead dust that can be inhaled or settle on hands and food. Some homes (old and new) may also have lead pipes or copper piping with lead solder that can allow lead to enter the tap water.</p> <p>If you have an older home or are concerned about lead exposure, get a professional to test your water, the dust in your home, the soil outside, and the paint around your home for lead.</p>
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