Bedrooms: Household Safety Checklistenparents these checklists to make a safety check of your home, including your nursery, child's room, adult's bedroom. You should answer "yes" to all of these questions.bedrooms, checklist, bedroom safety, baby's room, nursery, child's room, changing table, cribs, bassinets, high chairs, crib slats, mattresses, side rails, mobiles, curtain cords, cord clips, kid's room, safety, checklists, household safety, crib safety, strangulation, falls, nurseries, cradles, curtains, cords, CD1Primary Care12/30/200903/22/201803/22/2018Kate M. Cronan, MD03/14/20187599ab4d-6af7-47b9-95e6-8c5a70160472<h3>Child's Room/Bedroom</h3> <ul class="kh_longline_list"> <li>Does your baby's changing table have a safety belt?</li> <li>Are all painted cribs, bassinets, and high chairs made after 1978? (Prior to this, paint was lead based.)</li> <li>Are crib slats less than 2-3/8 inches (6 centimeters) apart?</li> <li>Are the crib's headboard and footboard free of large cut-outs?</li> <li>Is all of the hardware on the crib secure?</li> <li>Is the crib mattress firm and flat? Does it fit snugly in the crib?</li> <li>Is the crib free of a drop side?</li> <li>Is the crib free of soft pillows, stuffed animals, bumper pads, and soft bedding?</li> <li>Have all strings or ribbons been clipped off hanging mobiles and crib toys?</li> <li>Are window blind and curtain cords tied with clothespins or specially designed cord clips? Are they kept well out of reach and away from cribs?</li> <li>Are all electric cords (including baby monitor cords) at least 3 feet from the crib or bed?</li> <li>Are dressers secured to the wall or floor with drawers closed?</li> <li>Do the lids on toy chests or toy storage containers have a lid support to keep them from slamming shut? Are all toy chests non-locking?</li> <li>Has a window guard been placed on any window that isn't an emergency exit?</li> <li>Are nightlights in the room away from any fabric, like bedspreads or curtains?</li> <li>Does your child wear flame-retardant sleepwear?</li> <li>Is there a smoke alarm outside the bedroom?</li> <li>Have you removed all drawstrings from your child's clothing?</li> </ul> <h3>Adult's Bedroom</h3> <ul class="kh_longline_list"> <li>Are all medicine bottles, loose pills, coins, scissors, and any other small or sharp objects out of reach?</li> <li>Are window blind and curtain cords tied with clothespins or specially designed cord clips?</li> </ul> <p>If you own firearms:</p> <ul class="kh_longline_list"> <li>Are they stored in a securely locked case out of kids' reach? All firearms should be stored unloaded and in the un-cocked position.</li> <li>Is ammunition stored in a separate place and in a securely locked container out of kids' reach?</li> <li>Are keys kept where kids can't find them?</li> </ul>
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