Can Endometriosis Make It Difficult to Have Children?enparents out what the experts have to say.endometriosis, children, pregnancy, menstruation, uterus, pelvic pain, uterus lining, tissue, female reproductive system, womb, infertility, infertile, not fertile, can't have kids, uterine, endometreosis, endo, conception, problems conceiving, can't conceive, ovaries, ovarian11/25/200312/15/201612/15/2016Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD10/01/201651d769b6-afe8-4aa7-a88f-a3030fab922c<p><em>My 16-year-old daughter was just diagnosed with endometriosis. Does this mean she will have difficulty having children later in life?<br /> </em>&ndash; <em>Barbara</em></p> <p>When a woman has endometriosis, tissue that looks and acts like the lining of the uterus starts growing <em>outside</em> the uterus. The most common symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain.</p> <p>Endometriosis can make it more difficult for some women&nbsp;to have children, although most are able to. Fortunately, doctors are recognizing endometriosis earlier &mdash; sometimes even in teen girls. Discovering and treating endometriosis early can decrease the chances of future problems with having children.</p> <p>Talk to your daughter's doctor about her treatment options. The key is to work with a doctor who understands endometriosis and is sensitive to your family's needs and concerns in treating it.</p>
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