Does Knuckle Cracking Cause Harm?enparents out what the experts have to say.knuckles, knuckle cracking, bad habits, cracking your knuckles, arthritis, joints, my child cracks his knuckles, my child cracks her knuckles, is knuckle cracking bad, is cracking your knuckles bad, hand problems, hand impairment10/06/200304/10/201904/10/2019Larissa Hirsch, MDfba9a7c7-0e0a-4055-aaf2-49b7e3566c2c<p><em>My son always cracks his knuckles. Can it affect him later in life?<br /> </em>&ndash; <em>Dan</em></p> <p>Medical research&nbsp;isn't completely clear on this. The answer may depend on how often someone is&nbsp;knuckle cracking. Although it's generally not shown to cause arthritis, as some people have thought, habitual knuckle cracking may lead to&nbsp;some hand swelling or reduced grip strength later in life.</p> <p>Knuckle cracking is probably a good habit to break. Besides possibly causing future problems, joint cracking can be annoying to&nbsp;other people.</p>
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